Cost varies based on your treatment plan. We’re committed to helping you get the most effective treatment possible while staying within your budget. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact us for a free, confidential consultation and insurance benefits check.
Many of our treatment options are reimbursable by insurance programs. Your individual plan will determine what benefits and how much is reimbursable.

We’ll work directly with your insurance provider to determine the maximum coverage you’re entitled to under your plan. Learn more about the insurance carriers we work with or simply contact us for a free insurance benefits check.

Blue Door is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health. We are pursuing JHACO accreditation.
Opiate addiction affects all aspects of the person: their mind, their body and their sprit. A holistic approach to overcoming addiction considers all of these needs. Our programs are carefully designed by board certified physicians to address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs in recovery. We draw upon traditional and alternative approaches to help you heal mind, body and spirit while developing healthy coping skills.
Thousands of fewer patients die from an overdose when cannabis is an option in their treatment plan. At Blue Door, our physicians have successfully used cannabis as an exit strategy for opioid dependence. Cannabis is not the right answer for all patients, but it shows incredible promise as a key option in treatment plans.
We don’t view cannabis as a drug – we view it as a natural treatment. A look into the science shows us that the opiate and cannabis receptors are expressed in the same areas, with the only key difference being that cannabis doesn’t affect breathing, which is how opiate overdose deaths occur. Cannabis is an obvious solution to use for withdrawal symptoms. Research shows that some cannabinoids can even help with cravings.
Our staff is comprised of experienced physicians, licensed counselors, and staff with experience in patient support. Find more information on our founding physicians by clicking here.
At Blue Door, all treatment plans are individualized to each patient based on their needs and goals. The length of these plans vary based on the patient and their circumstances.
Co-founder Dr. Ravi Chandiramani developed enhanced addiction treatment protocols over the past 14 years that produce one-year success rates over 200% better than the industry average. These best-in-class outcomes come from methodology that incorporates traditional Medication Assisted Treatment with evidence-based naturopathic and alternative therapies to treat all aspects of a patient’s disorder, resulting in one-year success rates of 20% compared to the industry average of 9%.
We believe each specialty should send their opiate dependent patients to a physician board certified in addiction medicine, as each Blue Door physician is. We’ll work closely with your primary doctor to ensure we are meeting your goals and staying true to a successful treatment plan.
Blue Door offers all outpatient services and is conveniently located in Scottsdale, Arizona. A personalized treatment regimen will be customized to meet your specific needs. The first step is talking to a qualified clinical professional to determine what those needs are – contact Blue Door to take the first step towards your goals.
We include family and friends as essential parts of the team to provide holistic care to all those affected. This includes including the patient’s support system in the initial treatment plan, providing family therapy as the patient receives therapy and relying on the support system to help maintain healthy lifestyle choices long term. At Blue Door, the patient’s support system is never left in the dark, shut out or unaware of what is happening with their loved one. At the commencement of treatment, patients agree to give permission to their support system to be included in their care and have access to the patient’s medical information from our clinic. This ensures that we consider the safety of the patient and include the support system while not violating HIPAA regulations, which often serve as a barrier to family involvement.
This can be a challenge. We can’t force anyone to get help.

Even if your loved one is not ready for treatment, we encourage you to come in to Blue Door, without your family member, so you can full understand the program and resources available to you.

We do have tools that assist with obtaining information necessary for treatment planning as motivation for your family member, as well as methods that can help move a loved one toward wanting help.

Our licensed counselor works with individuals and groups who are primarily seeking treatment for opiate use disorder, but will explore common challenges that are associated with opiate use disorder such as anxiety and depression.

Those needing a higher level of psychiatric care will be referred to specialists who can provide this level of care.

Blue Door offers office based opioid treatment (OBOT) with medication assisted therapy to ease withdrawal and cravings and for harm reduction. We also have relationships with several respected drug and alcohol detox centers for those individuals who do not meet eligibility criteria for OBOT.
Yes. We include nutrition and fitness an important component of treatment and recovery. You’ll engage in regular recreation and fitness activities. You will meet with our nutrition and fitness specialist for an assessment and will be able to continue to work with them as you choose.
Nutritious snacks are available along with food storage for those who would like to bring their own. Many choices of restaurants are within walking distance
Our programs allow smoking in designated areas but we do not encourage it, and we offer smoking cessation and wellness counseling to help those who wish to quit.  We can provide nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, and we can offer medication to aid in quitting. This choice is yours and we’re here to help if you make the decision to quit.
Only English. Our staff can make referrals when appropriate.
If discharge planning suggests “step-down services,” this means a lower level of care is advised. Blue Door offers all outpatient services and can be a great opportunity for those who need additional care after completing residential services at another facility.