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Evidence Exists: Cannabis Curbs Addiction and Could Solve the Opioid Crisis

Not since the 1930’s has false propaganda been so prevalent or had so much influence over public opinion. True or false, some people seem to relish rhetoric that validates their own preconceived bias on any controversial issue. This is particularly evident in the contentious debate about cannabis. Hearing self-proclaimed experts contradict indisputable science by citing arcane laws that originated by sinister false propaganda campaigns is a source of endless frustration for those of us who understand the truth about such a harmless plant. Hearing the same individuals advocate for opiates because they’re legal is nothing short of infuriating. How many lives must be lost to the opiate crisis before lawmakers acknowledge that cannabis could solve it?

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Evidence Exists: Cannabis Curbs Addiction and Could Solve the Opioid Crisis



Dr. Berman earned her doctorate degree from Georgetown University and is Board-certified in addiction and emergency medicine. For 10 years as an E.R. physician at a Phoenix-area hospital, Dr. Gina Berman witnessed the devastating impact of the opiate crisis first hand. She had left institutional medicine to follow her passion for alternative therapies when she discovered cannabis helped curb addiction to addictive opioids administered too often for pain. Dr. Berman is currently the Medical Director of two medical cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix and Mesa where she counsels patients in alternative therapies, oversees the creation and cultivation of high quality, safe medical cannabis products, and advocates the latest research in medical cannabis. She recently founded the Blue Door Therapeutics, a holistic treatment clinic where she helps addicts transition from opiates and curb their addiction in a safer and more effective way.