BlueDoor combines the use of medical marijuana with traditional medicine, alternative and naturopathic therapeutics as an exit-strategy for dependence on pain pills (opioid use disorder). Studies have proven that when cannabis is an option, thousands of fewer patients die from an overdose.1 Our team is composed of board certified physicians specifically trained to transition patients off opiates and committed to treating those affected by the first medically-derived epidemic in history!



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    1 in 32 people taking the equivalent of 4 oxycodone pills a day die of an overdose.1

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    People who attempt recovery themselves fail 8-12 times before succeeding.2

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    Over 75% of heroin addicts started with pain pills.3


Patients have successfully been using cannabis to get off opioids for years. We understand the science behind it.



Over the 14 years prior to co-founding BlueDoor Therapeutics, Dr. Ravi Chandiramani, ND developed treatment protocols that integrate traditional Medication Assisted Treatment with evidence-based naturopathic techniques. His integrative methods produced one-year success rates 200% better than published industry averages for all drug use disorders. By integrating cannabis and focusing exclusively on opioid use disorder, BlueDoor Therapeutics anticipates even better success rates.



There are all kinds of opioids that patients are prescribed, from Oxycodone to Vicodin to Morphine, just to name a few. However, the potencies of these different medications are not the same. For instance, Codeine is much less potent than Dilaudid so if you say you are taking 5mg of Codeine and 5mg of Dilaudid, well, those 5mg are very different!

What doctors do is they convert doses to what are called “Morphine Equivalents” or “MME”. This helps us to talk about opioids in an “apples to apples” manner. Morphine Equivalents then become really important to know about because this is how we assess risk. For example, your risk of overdosing if you are taking 200 Morphine Equivalents or MMEs is dramatically different than if you are taking 40 MMEs.

Use the calculator below to calculate what your Morphine Equivalents are and we will send you a nice summary of the Centers for Disease control data on what that means in terms of your risk. If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away!

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